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Bedbugs have returned to the greater Cincinnati area with a vengeance to wreak havoc upon homes and businesses. These pests use human blood as a nutrient and can grow from a colony of a few individuals to tens of thousands in mere weeks. Traditional methods of detecting bedbugs have been lacking, due to their small size and nocturnal nature.


Thankfully, there is a new solution — Bedbug dogs! Meet Rocco, the bedbug hunting dog at Select Pest Control. Rocco has been professionally trained to use his natural canine abilities to detect bedbug pheromones.


Bedbug hatchlings are smaller than a poppy seed and can easily hide in small cracks and crevices. They do, however, emit odors that are easily detected by our specially-trained bedbug hound. No matter what stage of development your bedbugs are at, they won't be able to escape Rocco's trained nose.

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Don't let termites eat your money away

Statistics say that termites are the most destructive insects on the planet. Annually, they cause more destruction and structural damage to American homes than fires, storms, and other natural disasters, causing billions of dollars in damages.


Lucky for you, you don't have to become another statistic. Select Pest Control is a recognized termite inspector and is a member of the Northern Kentucky Homebuilders Association. We provide home inspections prior to a real estate transaction and deliver official inspection reports and documentation of all the preventative measures taken to protect your home from termites.


Termites bore through many building structures, turning them into spongy substances. These structures include:

Senior discounts and FREE estimates are available.

  • Turning wall studs

  • Joists

  • Fire blocks

  • Footer plates

Remember, when you see termites, it's probably too late to avoid costly repairs. Take preventative measures today with Select Pest Control. We offer a 5-year warranty for residential termite control, and a 10-year warranty for commercial service.

Eradicate Your Termites and Bedbugs for Good!